What is Take-Pause?
Take-Pause combines virtual reality and mindfulness to create a virtual reality experience to help teenage minds.
Our Design
Take-pause collaborated with teenagers in order to create an experience to combat teen anxiety.

Why are there Google Forms?

Google Forms are used to allow users to provide feedback to help Take-Pause improve the experience.

Your feedback helps our Research

Using the data you provide in the Google Forms. Take-Pause can analyze the data, difference in anxiety-levels and much more!

Why are there Vlogs?

Student Vlogs are used to showcase how Take-Pause affects teenagers.

Vlogs provide feedback for Take-Pause

We use your student vlogs to showcase Take-Pause working with teenage minds. Take-Pause wants to know how anixety affects you

Why do we need Parental Permission?

We need your parent / guardian's permission to feature you onto our site.

Animating Vlogs

Take-Pause would like to use student vlogs to feature onto our site and in the future animate them into anonymous animation videos.